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Announcing Wasabee

Author profile imageLars Salling·May 8, 2023
The logo of Wasabee with a subtle green gradient in the background

For the past half year we've been more than busy making the idea of a all-in-one recipe blogging platform come to life and we have now entered the exciting phase of opening it op to the world! Wasabee in its essence is a blog hosting platform designed specifically for recipe- and food bloggers through a tailored admin panel with specialized tools for creating posts including recipes with dynamic ingredients and food categories.

The motivation

Wasabee came to life as a vision of making it easier to create and manage a food blog - for example creating recipes, categorizing them under different cousines and ingredients and making them visible on the web.

While are currently ways of setting up a food blog, they can often times involve days of development and setup-time with tasks such as:

  • Configuring and setting up hosting for the blog
  • Installing various plugins for embedding recipes in blog posts
  • Manually optimizing for SEO such as meta information, structured data and sitemaps in order to get indexed and shown on search engines

... enter Wasabee

Instead of having to stitch together a multitude of services in order to launch your food blog, our goal is to let you express your culinary self while we take care of the rest - all the way from hosting your blog (as a subdomain under Wasabee or using your own custom domain), handling SEO and page-speed optimization and making it a pleasant experience for both you and your visitors.

A screenshot of the Wasabee admin dashboard showcasing how to organize recipe ingredients into groups

Some of our key focus points for Wasabee are:

  • Provide all necessary tooling for setting up and maintaining a food blog. A blogger should not have to find and pay for 8 different services in order to get site analytics, recipe management, site hosting and blog themes (and the list could go on). We aspire to include all of these services natively through the admin dashboard so you can focus on what's important - creating content.
  • Communicating and focusing on users. We know, how cliché. Yet the entire point of Wasabee is to make it easier and more accessible to start up a food blog, hence listening and communicating with the people using our product will be one of the key factors in pushing us in the right direction of a high quality platform.
  • Not slacking on speed and UX. One of the pitfalls of flexible sites such as Wix or Wordpress is the plugin-hell that arises when you want to include customized content such as recipe cards or blog comments. This leads to slower page speed and a bad user experience for both the person responsible for the blog as well as the visitors. At Wasabee we have a lot more control over our technologies which makes it possible (and a high priority) for us to streamline the entire experience for both bloggers and visitors.

The road from here

Wasabee has now entered open beta where we are excited to allow everyone to test and use the platform. While it may still have a few rough edges and mishaps, it should be fully usable and a viable way to get going with your own food blog. We will appreciate all the feedback we can get based on our current product in order make Wasabee the best possible platform for food blogging.

To be more transparent about the direction of Wasabee we have also set up a roadmap containing some of the up and coming features that are in the backlog of Wasabee.

We are looking forward to starting this journey and to see what will be made possible with Wasabee - happy blogging!

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