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May 29, 2023How to Make Your Website Load Faster

In this article we give an insight into the different things that can lead to poor website performance and how you can optimize and fix it yourself.

May 28, 2023How to Test Website Performance - Best Website Optimization Tools

Follow along in this article where we take you through some of the best tools to audit your website's performance and web vitals scores.

May 24, 2023Instagram For Food Bloggers - How To Run a Food Blog on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing content in the shape of images and short-form videos (Instagram reels), which makes it a very viable place to share food- and cooking related content.

May 23, 2023What is Technical SEO? The Ultimate Guide to Improving On-Page SEO

Technical SEO is an important aspect of making your website or blog perform well in search engine results. In this article we go into the different elements that technical SEO cover and how you can improve each of them.

May 20, 2023What Is Structured Data and How Can It Improve Website SEO?

Adding structured data to your website can be a quick and easy way to become more visible on search engine result. In this article we'll go through what structured data is and how it can benefit your blog or website.

May 19, 2023What Is Domain Authority and How Does It Affect My Blog?

Ever heard people refer "domain authority" or "DA" scores and wondered what it's all about? In this article we provide an in-depth overview of what domain authority is and how focusing on it can help you rank higher on search engine results.

May 18, 2023What are ccTLDs? An Introduction Country Code Top-level Domains

Follow along as we explain what a ccTLD actually is and why it might be beneficial to use one for your website or blog.

May 17, 2023 What Is an SSL Certificate and Why Do I Need It For My Website?

Learn why almost all communication on the internet is secured through the SSL protocol and why you should also enable it for your own website.

May 16, 2023How to Create A Recipe Book - A Step by Step Guide

In this article we'll go you through step-by-step how to create your very own recipe book that you can share with your friends and family.

May 15, 2023How to Start a Lifestyle Blog (And Earn Money Through It)

Lifestyle blogs are one of the most popular ways of blogging. In this article we help you how to get started with your very own lifestyle blog and how you later on can start earning money through it.

May 14, 2023Food Photography Tips and Tricks For Content Creators

Taking the right pictures of your food for a recipe or social media can be a difficult task when you have to think about finding the right style and personality that suits you. Read along in this article where we go over some of the most basic food photography techniques.

May 13, 2023How to Find and Buy The Perfect Domain Name

Buying and picking the perfect domain for your blog or website can be a difficult task. In this article we'll cover how you should approach choosing the best domain for you.

May 13, 2023 Optimizing SEO for Food Bloggers: A Guide to Boost Your Online Visibility

In this article we teach some more specific techniques you can use in order to elevate your SEO game for your food blog.

May 13, 2023How to Start a Blog in 2023

Venturing into the world of blogging can be an intimidating task, especially when met with keywords such as SEO and page performance. Follow along in this article where we cover the best way of starting a blog in 2023.

May 9, 2023How to Write a Good Recipe

Follow along to learn how to create easy-to-follow and intuitive recipes to share with the world!

May 9, 2023How to Start a Food Blog (And How to Monitize It)

Thinking about starting your very own food blog but intimidated by the work that may go into it? We'll get you started right away through this article!

May 8, 2023Announcing Wasabee

We're more than excited to share what we've been working on for the past half year!